Mashallah (Praise to God)
Mashallah (Praise to God)
Mashallah (Praise to God)
Mashallah (Praise to God)
Mashallah (Praise to God)

Mashallah (Praise to God)

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“MashaAllah” - Praise to God print


Mashallah means expressing praise or resignation to God… it literally means “ This is what God wills” or “Whatever God wills”. we also use it to express awe and admiration.

Treat yourself, family and friends with a gift that holds a positive message and sends good vibes.


  • Printed locally on a wonderful flat fine art quality paper

  • Unframed prints are mounted in a white matboard and backboard to protect them and to fit easily in a standard A4 or A3 frame.

  • they will be wrapped in a crystal clear cellophane bag unless you ask otherwise. 
  • Mentioned dimensions include matboard for the unframed prints, and matboard and frame for the framed prints.


Prints can be collected in person by residents and visitors of Qatar or delivered at an extra cost.

Prints will be shipped overseas within one week, in a reinforced envelop for an unframed print and in a box for a framed print.

You will receive a shipping notification once item is shipped along with your tracking number. Please allow for 10-12 business days, for shipment to arrive.